Is Your Freezer Freezing Up

Is Your Freezer Freezing Up? One of the causes of walk in freezer temperatures rising is air flow across the evaporator is diminished or stopped completely. This doesn't allow the heat to transfer to the refrigerant and thus the coils begin to frost over. If not monitored the entire coil becomes an ice cube.

Causes for Freezer Coils Freezing Up

Is Your Freezer Freezing UpSome reasons for this could be the door doesn't or isn't closed completely after a partner exits the room, the refrigerant charge is low, the coils are dirty and not maintained, or a fan could have failed.

Solutions to Keep Freezers Working Properly

There are solutions to aid in the customer becoming aware of this and repairing it before product is lost or damaged. A cloud based temperature monitor will track and send alerts if the room temp goes out of range for a period of time. A door alarm can be installed to emit a loud audible sound to get the attention of the partners to close the door completely. Curtain strips can slow the outside air from reaching the evaporator if the door remains open. Door assist arms can help to keep the door closed and of course proper door gaskets are essential. If you are having problems with walk in coolers or freezers not maintaining temps or freezing up let us help you find the right resolution. It pays for itself.

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