Monthly Archives: December 2022

Installed New Compressor with New Start Kit Components

On 12/29/2022 Ordered and picked up the compressor. Removed old compressor and cleaned condenser outside with water Installed new compressor with new start kit components, new c032s t-cap Then started flushing the lines, I have found that the cap tube was clogged. I had to uninstall it and use RX flush with nitrogen to clean…
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Relocate the Condenser Unit Closer to the House in Designated Area

On 12/28/2022 Picked up the the warranty compressor at the warehouse. Proceeded to relocate the condenser unit closer to the house in designated area. Installed the line set under the house with hanger strap. Replaced compressor and dryer. Flushed system with nitrogen, made vacuum to 500 micron and added 6lbs of 410a. Installed disconnector with…
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