Monthly Archives: August 2023

Defrost Timer Adjustments were Made

On 8/29/2023 WIC thermostat reading 44°F when arrived, evaporator coil restricted, had grease and debris, will need to move product to use chemicals to clean evaporator coil. Defrost timer adjustments were made for WIC/WIF, they were both behind an hour. Made adjustments to WIC defrost time, at 1am7am1pm7pm. Recommend evaporator be cleaned with chemical for…
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Unclogged the AC Drain with Nitrogen

On 8/28/2023 Arrived on site and found that the drain was clogged. I unclogged the AC drain with nitrogen and verified and the system drain is working in Pflugerville Texas. Near Priem Ln Pflugerville, Texas 78660 Check out the Areas We Serve and jobs we are doing by clicking: [spacer][SHORTCODE_ELEMENTOR id=3505]
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Looked at French Fries Freezer

On 8/25/2023 Checked in with kitchen staff. Looked at French fries’ freezer. Evaporator fans running coil clean no ice. Liquid line hot. Clean condenser. Liquid line proper temperature. Checked thermostat. Checked time clock. Unit has not had taps installed yet. Installed piercing valve checked pressure. Suction a little low. Checked with leak detector. No leaks…
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