Monthly Archives: April 2023

Cleaned distribution tube ice thickness control

On 4/27/2023 Arrived on site. Ice machine unplugged. Removed front cover. Plugged in machine turned on ice machine. Water coming out of distribution tube. Calcium lime build up holding cover up. Cleaned distribution tube ice thickness control and water level control. Turned on ice machine. Observed production in Point Venture Texas. Near Deckhouse Dr Point…
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Followed Machine Cleaning and Sanitizing Instructions

On 4/26/2023 Work performed: - Followed machine cleaning and sanitizing instructions. - Cleaned condenser with coil cleaner. - Cleaned and sanitized ice bin. - Took apart water pump at drain outlet and cleaned. - Discarded of old ice and monitored unit make new ice in Austin Texas. Near Woodward Street Austin, Texas 78704 Check out…
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