Monthly Archives: September 2023

Set Danfoss Controller to the Minimum Percentage

Set Danfoss controller to the minimum percentage to run the blower motor on 9-28-23. This successfully increased the fan speed. Motor amp pull is now 40amps in Austin Texas. Near North Lamar Boulevard Unit G Austin, Texas 78753 Check out the Areas We Serve and jobs we are doing by clicking: [spacer][SHORTCODE_ELEMENTOR id=3505]
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Cleaned Water Valve Clogged with Scale

Cleaned water valve clogged with scale on 9/27/2023. Pulled all removeable parts added ice machine cleaner ran through cleaning cycle while washing parts. Cleaned condenser coil emptied ice bin found clogged drain cleared drain out sanitized unit and completely rinsed with water hose recommended water in Austin Texas. Near LOHMAN FORD Lago Vista, Texas 78645…
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