Weekend Service to Repair Slow Pasteurizer

On 11/06/2022 Left pasteurizer slow. Discharge water barley body temp. Sight glass flashing. Low on refrigerant. Add refrigerant to left pasteurizer. Pressures are better. Unit pulled down and cycled off while working on right pasteurizer. Will return with high temp relay on follow up work order on regular hours since this was a weekend service.…
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Cleaned Ice Machine with Sanitizer

On 11/04/2022 Shut down ice machine then disassembled. Cleaned ice machine with sanitizer and cleaner. Brushed components with brush to get all slime and mold off. Vacuumed out water trough. Rinsed off machine several times. Turned on ice machine and system functioning properly making ice in Georgetown Texas. Near South Church Street Georgetown, Texas 78626…
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