Cleaning AC Units

In the Heart of Texas the weather can be harsh on your equipment. If not vigilante Cleaning AC Units nature will try to take back the space it once had. Keeping your system clean helps it to run more efficiently. There is more to maintenance than just spraying it down with a water hose.

Professional AC Cleaning

After Cleaning AC FrontFor proper cleaning the units should be inspected by a qualified technician. Improper precautions can lead to accidents or even death if not conducted accurately and safely. Always make sure the power is off before attempting to maintain your system.

Professional AC Dis-Assemble

AFTER REPAIRAn experienced technician knows how to dis-assemble your system in the proper sequence, gaining access to the internal areas where dirt, debris and vegetation can accumulate. After removing the buildup a precision washing, sometimes requiring chemicals, will return your unit to its joyful state of operations thus keeping the stress on the internal components minimal and extending the life or your system.

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