Poor Quality Craftsmanship

What is quality craftsmanship? It is the difference between something that will last versus something that will surely fail at an earlier date than expected. Manufacturers are not exempt from poor quality of materials and/or construction of their products or repairs. This white brand new evaporator out of the box had damage as well as poor quality seen in the pic of the screw mounted right through the distributor tubes. Pro performs complete visual inspections of equipment to insure the customer gets the best possible product. Poor Quality Craftsmanship damaged evaporatorThese panels and poor quality were corrected before completion.

Poor Quality Craftsmanship Repaired

"My freezer has ice all over everything" is what the customer was complaining about. We came out to find a waterfall coming from the bottom of the evaporator. Tracing it back the water flowed out during the defrost cycle.
We found this split drain line that caused anything below it to be completely covered with ice including a large stalagmite of ice forming on the floor. Besides being dangerous to walk on it also destroyed frozen product which hurt the customers bottom line. We were able to seal the split and find the real culprit. A Poor Quality Craftsmanship Split in Pipebad heat tape wrapped around the pipe. After repairing and fixing the issue no more ice sculptures now.

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